My opponent not a tough candidate, says R Roshan Baig

Minister, R Roshan Baig, is a confident man, claiming the development work he has done for Shivajinagar constituency, will see him ride to victory again. He lists the Smart City initiative in the constituency among his acheivements. Excerpts from an interview:

Don’t you think Katta Subramanya Naidu of the BJP is a tough opponent as he has won from the constituency twice in the past?
He won because I was contesting from Jayamahal then. He is not at all a tough candidate and has an alleged criminal background.

What are your strengths ?
I am easily accessible. I upgraded the government school and college  by rebuilding it using a public private partnership model of investment. I created the  Maharani cluster university, which is one  of eight in the country. I was also instrumental in establishing the Bowring medical college. The Ghosha hospital will be integrated.

But people are unhappy with the narrow roads in the constituency.
The Metro is coming up near the Shivajinagar chota maidan and will be the answer to the narrow roads. Some roads have become narrow due to the increase in population and vehicles. One cannot do anything about it. It’s an international phenomenon. 

How do you make Shivajinagar pedestrian and motorist- friendly?
By implementing the TenderSure project. I would like to provide pedestrian -friendly footpaths and proper roads for motorists. Under the Smart City project, the Shivajinagar bus stand and Russel Market will be given an international look. 


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