Murder most foul: Man kills wife, frightens son into silence

Bengaluru: A 41-year-old man was arrested after he was caught by the security guard of his apartment while trying to shift his wife’s body after murdering her. He reportedly stabbed her to death and spent an entire day with the body on Wednesday in Rajajinagar police station limits.

The accused has been identified as Hiren, who hails from Gujarat and the deceased has been identified as Preethi, 38, who hails from Maharashtra. The couple has a 16-year-old son.

They came to the city 20 years ago and were staying in an apartment near Ramamandira in Rajajinagar for the past eight years.

Hiren was working as manager with a private food manufacturing firm at Kurubarahalli in Mahalakshmi Layout.  

According to the police, the couple often fought over petty issues and on Wednesday morning, Hiren picked up a fight suspecting Preeti’s fidelity. In a fit of anger he stabbed her with a kitchen knife and later slit her throat and she died due to loss of blood.

When Hiren’s son returned from college, he confessed to him about the murder and told him to keep quiet. Hiren told him that if he went to jail, he would be abandoned. The son then decided to help his father and the duo waited till late night to dispose the body.

Around 11 pm, the two wrapped the body in a bedsheet and took it to the parking lot. While the two were walking towards their car, the security guard grew suspicious and approached them.

The guard noticed blood stains in the bed sheet and Hiren’s clothes and began questioning him. Hiren told him that his wife slipped and fell while working in the kitchen and died due to severe head injuries.

He told the guard that it would become a problem if the police came to know about the incident. Hence they were shifting the body.

The security guard immediately alerted other residents, who informed the Rajajinagar police. They rushed to the spot and took the duo into custody.

In his confession to the police, Hiren stated that his wife had an affair and she was mentally unstable. She often used to beat him with whatever objects she could lay her hands on.

On Wednesday too she started beating him and in fit of anger he slit her throat. He also stated that his son had no role in the murder and only followed his directions.

Preethi’s parents have filed a complaint with the police and the police have arrested Hiren, but not initiated any charges against his son. The Rajajinagar police have registered a case and have produced him before a court.


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