Mr Commissioner, I don’t feel safe in city: Victim of harassment

Bengaluru: If you are a woman and a victim of harassment, think twice before approaching the city police for help. Even if you file a complaint, the police have other better things to do than search for the culprit.     

A working professional hailing from Kolkata had a harrowing time in southeast Bengaluru on the night of August 3 when a rowdy element abused her of being a Pakistani and threatened her with dire consequences if she did not to leave the city.

But more nasty surprises were in store for her when she approached the Mico Layout police station to lodge a complaint against the culprit. She gave the policemen the registration number of the two-wheeler the miscreant was riding and details of the incident, but the police refused to register the complaint. She had to repeatedly call the police control room to force them to just do their duty and follow the rules.

They did finally register a complaint, but it was only August 5, two full days after the incident. On Wednesday, when she called to ask for the progress in the case, the policeman at the station allegedly told her that they had the details of the culprit, but it would take some time to close the case as the policemen at the station were busy with other, more important work.  

The victim told Deccan Chronicle, “The cops are probably waiting for something worse to happen to me, like acid thrown on my face or a murderous attempt, to take action. I don’t feel safe anymore in Bengaluru, and I dread to approach the police, who instead of catching the miscreant, grill victims, like me.”     

She said that around 10.30 pm on August 3, she had gone to a bakery. “The rowdy, who was on a bike, stopped in front of me and while getting down, kicked my thigh. I politely asked him to be careful next time, but he started abusing me in Kannada. I took objection and asked him to lower his voice and speak to me in English. That seemed to enrage him further and he called me a ‘Pakistani’ and told me to get out of Bengaluru. He threatened me with dire consequences if I did not move out and moved as if to hit me.”

She said, “A few passersby came to my rescue and I dialled 100. He got scared, tried to speed away on his bike, but I noted down the bike’s registration number. I went to the police station and gave the number to them, but they refused to take the complaint. I again dialled 100 and a woman police officer at the other end helped me, and she directed the Mico Layout police to register the complaint. But then they refused to hand me a copy of the complaint. I again dialled 100 and only then did the policemen hand over a copy to me.”

She said, “This morning (Wednesday), I spoke to one Mr Vishwanath at the police station about the case. He told me that the RTO sent him details of the bike owner on Wednesday, but it would take time to pursue the case as policemen at the station had a lot of other work. He advised me to keep quiet till they solved the case. But I don’t feel safe in the city anymore.”

The case has been registered under Sections 153 A and 354 of the Indian penal Code. 


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