Modi: ‘Sleeping Siddu’ neglected Raichur

RAICHUR: While trying to woo voters of Raichur district, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pulled up Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for his alleged failure to effectively tackle problems confronting the state.

Calling the district the 'land of Haridasas,' Mr Modi said it has a rich historic and cultural heritage where traditions have flourished. "But unfortunately the Congress has learnt nothing from here. If they had learnt something, they would never have committed the sin of dividing people", he remarked.

Mr Modi said Raichur had not only inspired him, but many other BJP leaders too. "When people were protesting for separate statehood here, only Bharatiya Jan Sangh supported you while the Congress opposed it," said Mr Modi.

Describing Raichur as the "switch" of Karnataka's power hub, he regretted that due attention had not been paid by the state government to address its electricity shortage. "In Bengaluru the sleeping Chief Minister gets electricity 24 hours. But in Rachur, where power is generated, people sit in the dark.  Should this ineffective CM stay in office", he asked. The public responded chanting "illa, illa".

Describing Raichur as the 'Rice-Bowl' of the state , Mr Modi said its special variety of rice -Sona Masuri – was as famous as the Basmati variety. "But the farmers here have to struggle hard for a drop of water. Despite having Tungabhadra reservoir, the state government has failed to address the issue and ensure sufficient water. This Congress government knows how to milk cream from water too", he quipped.


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