Modi fan: Karnataka man gets tattoo of PM’s face on his back

Raichur: Days ahead of assembly elections, one of PM Modi’s biggest fans is making news in Karnataka. Sitting still for 15-hours, Basvaraj, a resident of Karnataka's Raichur district, suffered through the pain as the slow-moving hands of a tattoo artist painstakingly etched the face of the Prime Minister on his back in black ink.

Basvaraj said he decided to get the large tattoo made to show his support to the Bharatiya Janata Party's campaign in the southern state.

The tattoo that covers almost his entire back, shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing reading glasses and sporting a thick beard. His hair is combed neatly with a side parting. Some portion of the neck is visible as well, along with what appears to be a kurta collar.

"It took 15 hours to get this done. I got it made as our Prime Minister has done good work in a span of four years," said Basvaraj, a tutor in the town some 400 kilometres from state capital Bengaluru.

During a BJP rally in the district, PM Modi had called out the tutor's name and encouraged him to help the party win in the Karnataka Assembly election.

"He mentioned me in his rally today and said I should help BJP win elections in the state. I will never forget this day," Basvaraj said.

Basvaraj, a tutor in Raichur, drew a large tattoo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his back. (Photo: ANI)Basvaraj, a tutor in Raichur, drew a large tattoo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his back. (Photo: ANI)

Basvaraj said he also has a tattoo of Karnataka BJP legislator K Shivanagouda Naik, though he did not show it.

It was not immediately known whether the tattoo was of the permanent ink type or a temporary one.

Karnataka will go to polls on May 12. A total of 2,655 candidates will contest for 224 assembly seats. Counting of votes and results is on May 15.

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