Middle, lower class people are looking for a change: HS Manjunath

What are the major problems of the constituency ?
As the terrain is quite uneven, with several high and low lying areas,there is a severe water crisis here. While in some places there is surplus water, in others there is hardly any water. Traffic too is one of the major concerns and there is no proper connectivity between the Mysore Road and Tumkur Road. There are a few speed breakers, but they have become a major hurdle, slowing down traffic.

What are your plans for the constituency ?
As water shortage is a big concern here I would like to address it by pushing for a Water Security Act. Installation of rainwater harvesting structures, and using recycled water for non-potable needs are among my other plans. Encouraging the use of cycles wherever possible,  including on TenderSURE roads, will not only save fuel but the environment too.

What is the mood of the people ?
Sitting MLA, Gopalaiah is just spreading lies and has colluded with contractors to loot the people's money. He has not done anything for the people or the constituency. But the  middle and lower class here are really happy with our government’s schemes like Anna Bhagya and are looking for a change.

Tell us why should people vote for you ?
I am the youngest candidate at 27 and am filled with enthusiasm  to work for the upliftment of the people. I have a vision and being young I can interact with people and take them along with me. 


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