Meet ‘Kempa’ Kempegowda International Airport’s robot for all info

Bengaluru: It may recall a sci-fi movie, but soon passengers arriving in IT City Bengaluru could be greeted by a humanoid robot giving them directions and any other information they may need.

Aptly named “Kempa” the robot , built by a city start-up,  Sirena Technology, using Artificial Intelligence, is currently being tested. Once it is installed , the city’s Kempegowda International Airport will join several other airports around the world, which are already experimenting with  robots assisting passengers, scanning luggage and issuing boarding passes.

A clearly proud IT and BT Minister,  Priyank Kharge has tweeted a one minute long video of the robot providing information in both Kannada and English.
Explained an IT / BT department official, “The robot will be able to give information about flights, check-in details, the airport and so on to help the passengers. 
Kempa will also be able to tell you about our state and the places to visit, besides our heritage and culture. This is the first time something like this is being attempted.”

Said another officer, “Kempa is still being tested and is almost ready. Minister Priyank Kharge will take a decision on installing it at the airport after a discussion with officers.”  

 For now the robot will give information in Kannada and English, but is likely to become a hot favourite among most passengers, especially teenagers and children, who may find their sci-fi fantasies coming alive.   And why not? This is after all the Silicon Valley of India!  


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