Mangaluru cheluve in ooru

After an impressive Ishtakamya, she headed to Silicon City and then into time traveling for exactly 3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second, and now she is in a killer mode for her upcoming release Samhara. The latter film is a thriller wrapped in a murder mystery tale starring Chiranjeevi Sarja along with Hariprriya. While her previous venture — Silicon City was critically appreciated, it failed to make mark in the box. However 3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second which got released a week ago, is doing good business despite average ratings. The Mangaluru cheluve, Kavya Shetty, a model- turned-actress  talks about playing a journalist in Samhara and her career which she says has shaped up well so far. She also shares her satisfying experience of helping the children residing in slums— providing them food on weekends through a foundation she works for.

“After Ishtakamya, 3 Gante 30 Dina and 30 Seconds took a lot of time in making. A lot of  details went into the shooting of the film. Despite average response from the critics, the film is doing well in the theatres. One cannot just predict what the audience likes. It’s ironic as Silicon City was well appreciated by a large section of the critics but it failed to impress the audience in the end. However, I have confidence that this time both the critics and audience will appreciate Samhara. It’s a different kind of film packed with a thrilling mystery,” says Kavya Shetty.

In this film, Kavya reveals that she plays a journalist, a childhood friend to the protagonist played by Chiru,  who plays a blond chef in it.

“My role is short but sweet which initiates the tale helping the hero to seek revenge. Hariprriya’s character is another mystery which comes as a twister. In 2017, I had two films and now, I’ve already had a release and in the coming weeks my second film is also set for release. In the meantime, I have been also busy with modelling though I have been very choosy with it,” she adds.

On frequently being chosen for roles with more than one heroines in a project, Kavya explains that she does not regret such offers. “I do not mind whether it is a short or lengthy role with me in the lead or playing a second heroine. I am more concerned with the role. If it is short but sweet which leaves an impression on the minds of the audience, my job as an actor is done.”

Moreover, not all roles suits every actor. “I am usually approached for a rich girl’s role in a modern avatar. I love experimenting but when someone feels I best suit some character, I opt for it but again, it should make sense than just playing the usual stereotypical characters. For instance, I may not look good on screen playing a typical village girl on screen,” says Kavya.

If not for films and modelling, Kavya is happy to be busy working with the Adya Foundation and  providing food to children in slums during the weekends.


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