Man held for trying to sell corals in City Market

Bengaluru: Sea fan and corals brought from Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu were seized from a man in the City Market by the police with the help of CID forest cell.

According to police officials, on Wednesday afternoon they got a tip off that a man was trying to sell corals and sea fan (Gorgonians), which are protected under Wildlife Act, in City Market. They reached the spot and seized the contraband and the accused was later sent to judicial custody.

An officer said that the smuggling racket has its roots in Kanyakumari and Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, which is currently being investigated.

Sharath Babu R, a wildlife expert said that the smuggled corals and gorgonians are bought for a variety of purposes: Wall decorative pieces, medicinal purposes and even as lucky charms.

Corals are used during marriage ceremonies all over Karnataka and the demand is high, though it is banned across the state.

“Coral smuggling market has been active for over two decades. It comes under Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and are referred to under Schedule I. Smuggling and handling of corals can lead to a 3-7 year sentence,” he added. 


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