Malaria cases fall in Karnataka

Bengaluru: This World Malaria Day- April 25- there is hope for Karnataka as the state is seeing a decline in malaria cases. Although 941 cases have been reported already in  the state this year, the number is far less than in 2017 when the cases went upto 7,381.  "We have been seeing a decrease in the incidence of malaria in Karnataka  since 2006, which has paved the way for elimination of the disease in the state by 2025,” says Dr Prakashkuma of the state health department, recalling that the State Framework for Malaria Elimination was launched on  May 12, 2017.

Currently, the state ranks 13 in malaria cases reported in the country and is said to be in the “Pre- Elimination Phase.”  The urban areas of Mangaluru and Udupi districts  contributed 71 per cent of the total malaria cases reported in the state during 2017, but a reduction of 69 per cent in its incidence has been observed since 2016, according to Dr . Prakashkuma.

 "We have intensified preventive and control measures in Udupi and Mangaluru with active involvement of local bodies. These cities have set a goal of progressing towards the pre-elimination phase by the end of 2018. It is heartening to note that no deaths due to malaria have been reported in the state since 2015," he adds. 

 But Dr S Manohar, director, Internal Medicine, Sakra World Hospital warns that as long as there is lack of sanitation and social awareness malaria will continue to dog India like most other tropical countries. 


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