Making a mark!

One more star from Coorg, the land of beauty, is making her presence felt in Sandalwood. Actress Nidhi Kushalappa, who made her acting debut in 2015 with Nan Love Track and then followed it up with Preethi Prema has stumbled upon an golden opportunity in her third film, Kumari 21 F— which also marks the debut of Pranam Devaraj. He is the youngest son of Dynamic Hero Devaraj, and brother of Prajwal Devaraj. Nidhi speaks to Bengaluru Chronicle about her exciting project her love for gardening and her plans to  direct a movie in future.

“My family hails from Coorg, but I was born and brought up in Mangaluru. I have lived mostly in the coastal city until I finished my studies. I pursued my masters in media, which I took it up due to interests in filmmaking. It was through my close friends, I took up films. My actual intention is to direct a movie in the future. However, at present, I am learning how to act. In Kumari 21 F, my role has a strong presence which intends to break the stereotype with regard to the mindset of the public over females who are into the entertainment or show business,” says Nidhi Kushalappa.

Nidhi maybe yet another actress who hails from Coorg but strongly believes that  that talent can come from any particular region. “A decade ago, there was limited exposure, and hence a select few would make it in the industry, but now it is an era where more people are joining the industry. There are lot of opportunities beyond movies, such as television and Internet based entertaining is also booming,” she adds.

In her third film, Nidhi says that she has learnt a lot as an actress. Kumari 21 F,  focuses on certain individuals in the entertainment industry. “They are perceived wrongly, and the movie throws light on this issue. It is going to be a film which I am going to cherish all through my life. Even the audience will have something to take home from it,” she explains.

As far as Pranam Devaraj as a actor who makes his debut, Nidhi shares that apart from him being a wonderful co-star, she couldn’t believe that it was his first movie. “He never showed a hint of beginner’s attitude or shyness during the shooting of it. He is good considering that it’s his debut, which is truly remarkable.”

In her personal space, Nidhi shares that she loves gardening, trekking once a while and also practises  yoga.  Ask her about her gardening skills, she adds that it was because of her father who is a former deputy commissioner in customs, she picked it up it as habit. “We have a huge garden area, where we have grown so many plants and ever since my childhood, I loved assisting my father. It is a part of my routine when I am not working”.

Also, with regards to becoming an actress, Nidhi adds that her parents being government employees —  her mother was, a college principal, it was not that easy to convince them, “as they insisted that I finish my studies and only then  take up my filmi interests,” she adds.

Nidhi signs off by expressing her desire to direct in the future. Who knows she may even direct a web-based venture someday!


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