Maharudrabhishekha performed to Nandi Statue atop Chamundi Hill

Mysuru:  Maharudrabhishekha for the Nandi Statue atop Chamundi Hill was performed by Mettalu Hattuva Balaga this morning on account of first Monday (Karthika Somavara) of Karthika Masa celebrations.

They performed Maharudrabhishekha using 101 ingredients including ghee, milk, curds, almonds, dried fruits, sugarcane juice, banana and other items. Maharudrabhishekha began with pouring of milk (Ksheerabhisheka), followed by other items which included Vagya, Argya, Achamana, curds, ghee, honey, sugar, vibhuthi, sandalwood paste, turmeric, kumkum, Sindoora, flowers, bilwapatra, banana, grapes, dates, cucumber, sugarcane juice, tender coconut, lime, oil, panchamrutha, dharbe, and ashtagandha etc.,

The Mettalu Hattuva Balaga members who climb the hills every Friday have been performing this ritual since the last few years as part of Karthika Masa celebrations. A large number of devotees, visitors including foreigners took part in the celebrations. The Statue was cleaned with water thoroughly after the rituals.

This monolithic statue of Nandi is a major tourist attraction atop Chamundi Hill. The statue, reckoned to be at least 350 years old, was sculpted during the period of Dodda Devaraja Wadiyar who ruled from 1659 to 1673 and is the only one of its kind in the State. The statue is 3,489 ft above sea level.

Though Nandi is found adorning Shiva temples, this is one of the few standalone statues, measuring about 15 ft in height and 24 ft in width, carved out of a single boulder. Easily accessed either by road or steps, tourists usually stop by the Statue for a photo opportunity.

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