Madhusudan of Davanagere wins Greco-Roman Wrestling event

Wrestler Madhusudan of Davanagere emerged as the winner in the Men’s 130 kg Greco-Roman wrestling event, which Rajendra of Bagalkot came second and Akshay Kumar of Mysuru third.

Other winners

55kg category — 1st place: Kumar M. Nagar of Bagalkot, 2nd: B.S. Prateek of Davanagere and 3rd: Rupesh R. Kugaji of Belagavi and G. Sanjay of Shivamogga.

60kg — 1st: Prabhakar M. Palke of Davanagere, 2nd: Eshwar N. Daangi of Dharwad and 3rd: Balaraj of Belagavi and Vinod Baligar of Bagalkot.

63kg — 1st: Mahesh P. Gonda of Dharward, 2nd: B.H. Prahlad of Belagavi and 3rd: D. Ramkumar of Davanagere and B. Chetan of Mysuru.

67kg — 1st: Bahubali Shirahatti of Davanagere, 2nd: Sunil Shankar of Belagavi and 3rd: Dhareppa of Dharwad and Mallesh Chowdhary of Bagalkot.

72kg — 1st: Manjunath of Davanagere, 2nd: E. Sanjay of Shivamogga and 3rd: J. Tejas of Mysuru and Holabasu of Belagavi.

82kg — 1st: Dhareyappa Hosamani of Dharwad, 2nd: Lakshman of Davanagere and 3rd: Ramesh Shinde of Bagalkot.

87kg — 1st: L. Anand of Davanagere, 2nd: Bheema Jeergol, Bagalkot and 3rd: A. Aditya of Dharwad and Gopal of Belagavi.

97kg — 1st: Shivayya Poojar of Bagalkot, 2nd: S. Rakesh of Mysuru and 3rd: B.D. Nagaraj of Belagavi.

77kg — 1st: Mallappa of Davanagere, 2nd: Mubarak of Dharwad and 3rd: Srikanth of Shivamogga.

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