Lynching case: In death, Kaluram gets to fly home for last rites

Bengaluru: Kaluram's body will be flown home to his tiny village this morning, something he could not have dared to dream about while he was alive and hunting for odd jobs in this IT capital to fill his stomach and that of his younger brother Ramesh alias Sonu back home.  The 26-year old mason from Nimaj village in Pali district in Rajasthan was dragged and beaten to death in broad daylight on the streets of Chamrajpet after people mistook him for a child lifter. He was poor, defenceless, his looks and language were alien to the people, who killed him. He was a victim of xenophobia.

“Why did the people in your City kill him? What had he done to deserve this kind of end? Was he killed because he was a Dalit and an outsider?

There was nationwide protest against the flogging of Dalit boys in Una in Gujarat last year because the incident happened close to the Assembly elections.  

There is no anger  happened to Kaluram in Bengaluru because Karnataka elections are over,” said Harjit Singh, the president of the Village Education Committee, Nimaj, while speaking to Deccan Chronicle over phone.

“Nimaj is a small village of not more than 20,000 people. We have neither heard nor witnessed this kind of violence here. People should have complained to the police if they found Kaluram stealing or indulging in any crime. He could not even defend himself,” said Singh.  “Kaluram was a Dalit and belonged to the Meghwal (Scheduled Caste) community. He used to fit tiles. 

His parents died long ago," he added. Last year, his elder brother died in a road accident. He is survived by his younger brother Ramesh, who depended upon Kaluram and villagers to feed him. "He is scared and in shock and is refusing to leave his house,” he said.

He said that Ramesh reportedly told neighbours that two days before Kaluram was killed he received a call from him in which he is believed to have said his life was in danger. When asked if Kaluram was being threatened to donate his kidneys according to some media reports, Singh denied the information and said that Ramesh did not mention  any such conversation with his brother.  “Kaluram will be brought home today (Saturday). The Kumawat Samaj members of Nimaj in Bengaluru have arranged to bring his body to Jaipur by an early morning flight. We will bring his body to the village by road for his final rites,” added Singh.


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