Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty, family in a state of shock

Bengaluru: Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty, who is being treated for a knife attack was recovering well and is likely to be shifted from Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to private ward in a couple of days.

According to a close family source, “Lokayukta is recovering, and he is now occasionally speaking to his family members and close relatives visiting him at the hospital. Shetty reportedly is a shock and said he never expected that someone would attack him in a place meant for the public to air their grievances.”

Shetty’s family too felt that a violent incident at a place like Lokayukta’s office reflects sad state of affairs. They said whether any case comes within the jurisdiction of the Lokayukta or not, one certainly cannot take law into their own hands.The sources also said that Shetty never talked about any kind of threats, or about the lack of security.


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