Lockers soon to put away govt teachers’ cellphones?

BENGALURU: After the BMTC imposed a ban on use of mobile phones on its drivers while on duty, the education department too wants to bring in a similar rule for the teachers in government schools and colleges.

It has already directed the teachers not to use mobile phone during class hours, but the rule is not being followed.

They even came up with a circular stating that usage of mobile phones would lead to suspension, but it has failed to deter the teachers.

Now, the education department wants to install lockers at schools and colleges, where every staff member, except the head master or head mistress, should deposit their mobile phones before they begin their day.

A senior officer in the education department said that right now it is just a suggestion and it will be placed before other senior officers and then a decision will be taken.

“But we need to sort out this issue, as rampant use of mobile phones was hampering the teaching process and even students were using them. When students are caught they argue that when the teachers and professors can use, why can’t they? It is an unhealthy trend and needs to be stopped. We had issued several notices before, but it was not implemented effectively and it is being taken lightly,” he added.

Now, the idea will be floated to the senior officers and draw a clear plan before being implemented, said the officer.

“We are planning to have lockers, where the teaching staff can deposit their mobile phones and later take it back at the end of the day. The locker will secure and safe and will be handled by the administration department or the senior most person. Once, a staff deposits the phone, they will be given a token, which needs to be returned while collecting the phone,” he said.

He also mentioned that the headmaster or headmistress and an assistant headmaster or mistress will have their mobile phone with them for emergency purposes and the staff can give their mobile phone numbers to their family members only.

“This is the basic plan, but we need to see if it gets approved and how it works. But we do want a stern rule against usage of mobile phone,” he said. 


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