Life with wisdom

An expression not in the air nowadays to the extent it is needed to lead life with wisdom namely, Eat to live and not live to eat tells all about Ayur Veda (Science of Life) in the simplest manner as it were. Describing Ayurveda in many commonly noticed ways has turned fascinating. Some have portrayed the term as Indian system of medicine. Some others have described it as an ancient system of natural healing with its origins in the Vedic culture of about 5,000 years vintage. Following its integration into primary healthcare in India, Ayurveda is recognised in the West as an alternative system. Other perceptions of Ayurveda include its translation as the ‘Wisdom of Life’ and the ‘Knowledge of Longevity.’ Given the desire on the part of every human being to not only stay healthy but also live a long life, the last aforementioned perception of Ayurveda can be considered as the driving force behind the resurgence of Ayurveda both in India and many other regions of the world.

The custom of touching the feet of the elderly, seeking their blessings and also as a mark of showing respect is only one out of a long list of practises creating the feel-good effect for the elderly as well as the younger folk, still being followed in our times earned both appreciation and good wishes for a long, and therefore healthy life for the younger party. Faith and total dependence on Ayurveda for safeguarding wellness was taken as the hidden advisory.

While Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata are considered as the greatest trio pioneering the practice of Ayurveda several centuries ago and generations have benefited from their work through Pundits since, with a sense of service all along, the ancient knowledge is morphed into prosperous industry on the same lines of aggressive marketing characteristic of Allopathic medicinal products. The unobtrusive and quiet world of Ayurveda has begun to witness high- voltage promotion of health-assuring natural products, concoctions improving looks, oils for massage, lotions for skin-care and so on. Many companies, including the well-known family enterprises in Mysuru and Nanjangud, have their branded products and captive patrons in a long tradition.

The long-standing system of sustaining Ayurveda in families has now yielded place to learning the art and science of the ancient practice in colleges. However, the money-power of Allopathy and lip sympathy of administration for Ayurveda are hurdles in the way of Ayurveda earning its rightful place in the country. The sector is also plagued by quacks and surfeit of products lacking in quality assurance, alongside spurious allopathic drugs commanding abundant sales. Wisdom of people is yet to match the wisdom of Ayurveda.

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