Kiss my feet and say sorry: Karnataka Congress MLA’s son to victim

BENGALURU: Mohammad Nalapad, the son of Congress MLA N.A. Harris, surrendered to police on Monday afternoon, surfacing at Cubbon Park police station, 36 hours after he and his goons thrashed 24 year old Vidwath within an inch of his life at an upscale restaurant pub in the IT capital's tony UB City late on Saturday, and then went missing without a trace.

But Mohammad Nalapad apparently did not leave it there. Vidwath's elder brother Satvik told Deccan Chronicle that not only did Nalapad, 30, and his coterie force their way into the hospital and beat him up, they had chased after Vidwath when he was being carried out of the restaurant at UB City by his friend Pravin.  

“As his friend was taking him out of the café, they followed him and Nalapad asked him to kiss his feet and say sorry, which my brother refused to do and so they hit him again,” Satvik recounted.

Not one of the ten bouncers hired by the restaurants or pubs to guard the plush premises lifted a finger to stop the brutal thrashing of an injured young man with a fractured leg in a cast. “Sadly, no one, not even the bouncers at the Cafe did anything as it was Nalapad who had got the license for them for rupees three lakh,” alleges Satvik. This charge could not be independently verified.

The restaurant is part of a chain of boutique restaurants and resorts owned by a successful chain.   By the time Vidhwat was brought to the hospital, he was semi-conscious, Vidwath's twenty-six-year-old elder brother recalls. "I saw my brother being brought into the hospital comatose. I could smell fresh blood. I was shell-shocked. I never imagined I would take my baby brother to the emergency in such a way," Satvik said, his voice shaky.

Vidwath's family and friends faced Nalapad's goons as they barged into the hospital with his bouncers and beat up his brother as well. "He along with his goons entered the hospital and the security could not do much as they were close to ten people. I was sitting next to my brother. I also told them that it is a hospital and they should leave," he said. Instead, one of the gang assaulted him and threatened further violence if said a word to anybody.

"They hit me at the hospital and went to my brother who was only partly conscious to tell him not say a thing to anybody," he said. Worse still was the young politician's response when one of Vidwath's friends,   Guru Rajkumar son of Raghavendra Rajkumar (brother of Shiv Rajkumar) requested him to leave. "The ruffian showed off saying "ask your father who am I? I am the son of NA Harris," said Satvik, who says he has three witnesses to back up the brutality unleashed on his brother and himself and his friend. "I want justice for my brother," he said, firmly, refusing to speak any more.


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