Kadirenahalli Cross turns garbage dump

Bengaluru: Garbage pile-up, traffic snarls and widespread encroachments – Kadirenahalli Cross has it all. Garbage stench, air and noise pollution have become mainstays here.

The residents are a frustrated lot as despite repeated complaints to the BBMP the ground reality remains unchanged. And now they are in no mood to listen to their assurances.

“One should come here in the evening. BMTC buses cannot navigate since most of the vehicles take shortcut to go to Kengeri. The shops are set on the footpath and the restaurants have set up a part of their establishments on the footpath,” said Prashant, a local resident.

The spike in the level of pollution in South Bengaluru was reported by Deccan Chronicle on Friday. Near the Geological Survey of India office the BBMP had put a thin aluminum sheet to protect the vacant land from turning into a garbage dump. But for the past one year it is been seen that the street on the Ring Road has been turned into a garbage dump.

“The garbage pile-up also impedes traffic movement. In fact there have been several occasions of bikers slipping due to leacheate. Even though the BBMP lifts the garbage everyday that makes hardly any difference. The volume keeps on increasing,” said Pawan, a resident.

The area is surrounded by banquet halls and late in the night after marriage parties and religious festivals, garbage is straightaway dumped in certain areas. The BBMP disclosed to Deccan Chronicle that they were helpless since the onus is on residents and if they do not segregate the waste it would be difficult for the municipal organisation to implement it strictly. 

Q&A with BBMP Health Inspector Shivalingaiah

Tin sheet garbage is being dumped in the area every day. Even the main road is not cleared of garbage. Why?
The interior areas of Pipeline Road in Ilyas Nagar were cleared of garbage. This issue is a concern for us too. But in some areas, dumping of animal waste has reduced. On the Ring Road as well, the garbage is picked up daily. We will get the mentioned area cleared of garbage.

The former mayor promised the residents that CCTV cameras would be installed, but it is yet to happen… 
The cameras have been installed in the ward. We have cameras at vital junctions and on the stretch of Sarakki Road near Metro junction.

Restaurants and mechanic shops encroach footpaths and leave little space for pedestrians to walk. Has any notice been served to them?
Yes, we have served them with unauthorised notices, but they come back again. The notices of encroachments in the past have been shared with the police station as well. 


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