Jeevanbima nagar police track, nabbed inter-state car lifter

Bengaluru: The Jeevanbima Nagar police nabbed an inter-state thief who stole cars from the city by furnishing fake identity to companies that rented out cars and used them for peddling drugs in Rajasthan. The accused also sold many cars by creating fake documents outside Karnataka.

The accused, Dileep Kumar, is a degree holder and hails from Rajasthan. The police recovered two SUVs from him and suspect that he is part of an inter-state gang which involved in thefts and drug peddling.

Dileep took cars on rent from the companies that offered self-driven service by furnishing fake identity. He then changed the number plates of the cars and escaped to Rajasthan where he created fake documents for cars.  He sold these cars in Rajasthan, Gujarat and other states at dirt cheap prices. He also used a few cars for his drug peddling business in Rajasthan and neighbouring states, the police said.

Recently, Dileep had taken a car on rent from JustRide by giving forged documents. He drove the car towards Karnataka border and dismantled the GPS system in the car and headed to Rajasthan. To escape from the police, Dileep kept changing the number plate of the car every 100 km, the police said.

"The accused is clever. He knew that the car rental company would alert the police once her removed the GPS from the car. He kept changing the number plates of the vehicle to ensure that no one doubted him and managed to remain untraceable for long," a senior police officer said.

The police are interrogating Dileep to unearth his association with other gangs and his involvement in other cases in the city.

How he got caught
After dismantling the GPS and removing the SIM card from his mobile phone, Dileep assumed that he could give the police the slip. But, he had a little idea that the city police are a step ahead when it comes to using technology to detect cases.

Dileep though threw away his old SIM cardm he failed to realise that the mobile phone are tracked based on the SIM location and IME number of the mobile phone. Dileep after reaching Rajasthan continued to use the old phone, and this helped the police trace him.


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