It may be the end of road for Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: With Monday’s election results reducing the Congress from 124 to 78 seats, the man who lead it to this nadir had risen like a phoenix from the ashes of an all but dead political career just five years ago. Has Siddaramaiah now hit rock bottom? His prophecy of his party coming back to power with a thumping majority has proved to be a dud. His dream of becoming  chief minister again lies shattered.

What next for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who was forced by the party bigwigs to stand next to his bête noire, H.D. Kumaraswamy, to whom his party has offered unconditional support?

Barely five years ago, the shoe was on the other foot. It was Siddaramaiah who was the most sought after leader, in his party and his followers. The party high command heeded his diktat without a murmur. He ruled the state,  an unquestioned king. But, the 'Janata Janardhan' have not only clipped his wings but also made him pay for his diatribe against leaders of two parties.

People, who were once close to him said that his behaviour changed after he became the CM. He distanced himself from Ahinda leaders who strove hard to make him as a champion of backward classes and held several rallies across the state to drum up the support for him. Several Ahinda leaders like Mr Mukudappa stayed away from him only because of his arrogance.


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