International Day for Women: 105-year-old Soppina Sannamma has a never say die spirit

By V. Shourabh

Soppina Sannamma is no ordinary woman. She is a centenarian and still counting. All 105 years, she has been selling greens from the age of ten.The frail looking woman who is slightly hard of hearing, lives on Ramanuja Road in a house close to Yelethota (the old beetle farm) with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

She was married when she was seven and lost her husband at a very young age. But she did not lose heart and brought up her children. Even after she crossed hundred she would still carry a basket on head and go from house to house selling greens.

Sannamma has regular customers and they looked forward to purchasing fresh greens from her. If she is very tired, some of them offer her tea and she gracefully accepts it. In a few other houses, she carries home, firewood, clothes and whatever else is given to her.

However, she fell down a couple of months ago and broke her hip and is now walking with the help of a stick. Her eyesight is weakening and she speaks in a strained voice.

Ask her about the old age pension from the Government which she is entitled to and she said at this ripe age who is going to give her. She can consume only liquid food. But she talks to everyone with a smiling face and invites those who visit her house to partake food. “I am hoping that I will be cured and start selling soppu again,” said Sannamma, with a never say die spirit.

Women’s organisations who honour several women achievers should also lend the centenarian assistance so that she can live her last days in peace. Sannamma, who has lived a life of dignity, is a role model for all of us.

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