‘In my brand of politics, people will always have access to their leaders’

Why this plunge into contesting elections while being successful at running your own company?
The citizens are not getting what is owed to them, not even basic necessities like roads, water, electricity safety.  Working as an engineer in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, I realised the basic function for the success of an organisation in the customer relationship and it is the same way in politics, as people should be connected with the officials and vice versa and this will help in developments. I took the decision to contest in the elections to ensure that the officials are made easily accessible to the public instead of the public running to the MLA for every minor issue. Also, we want every information out in the public, like if the BBMP is digging up a road, then the public should know why the work is carried out and the reasons for it and also the time limit and how well the dug up stretch is covered, all these are the public’s right to know. The other factor for me to contest is that the public want a new face and a change. I will be another option or a choice for the public to vote.

If you win, what would you like to do for your constituency and for its people?
As I said earlier, I would like to bridge the gap between the people and the civic officials and officers. There is a huge gap between them and this has been a hindrance for the developmental works. My dream is to ensure that the public should know that they can approach the officials for any work at any time.  I would not even hesitate to suspend the officials for not carrying out the work.

Mahadevapura constituency is plagued with various problems, which has led to several protests by the residents, what are the major issues you will take up on priority?
The major problems are roads, power and water and these are the basic amenities which a public demand and even if these are not in proper order, then we do  not know what to say.  We would like to address these problems along with providing the best facilities in education, health and safety, as these are as important as the roads, water and power. I would also like to take up the work of rejuvenating Bellandur lake, which is famous across the globe but not for the right reasons. It is not only about the Bellandur lake, there are several other lakes in our constituency which will be taken care off. We would like to give the utmost importance to environment and not allow anyone to cut the trees. If at all there is a dire need to  cut the trees,  then  we would ensure that they  plant two saplings. We are not here to play politics but be politicians to make our constituency a better living place for our future generations.

Yogendra Yadav is the backbone for your party, how is he encouraging the candidates of Swaraj India?
Mr Yadav is the man for current India, we need people like him to work for the development of the country. He was with me a couple of days back while campaigning at Doddanekundi and he just told us that work for the good and everything will fall in place  and wished us and also assuredany kind of support to ensure that we win the elections.

What are your chances of winning the elections?
I feel 200 per cent confident of winning, as the people here want a new face and an electer member,  who can listen and respond to their woes. I have also taken an oath that not a single penny by me will be accepted as a bribe even if I win or lose and people have appreciated it.  I have no worries if I lose and I’ll still carry out my public work. But if I win, I’ll work for the people. 


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