Imagination runs wild on TV

Entertainment industry, in India is by-and-large an escape from reality where logic and scientific reasoning has very little space, as audience barely question such acts! In fact, they simply love the drama it comes along with. The small screen is no different, where everything is stretched to the maximum while reasoning takes a backseat. For instance, a popular teleserial which runs for years face changes in artistes playing a character. So, how do they introduce a new face to an already popular character played by another artiste. Simple, insert an accident scene wherein the character is injured badly beyond recognition. And then, comes the new identity. Wondering how? Bengaluru Chronicle reports on the miraculous saga on Kannada television.

“Like father, like son, Indian television is largely influenced by its counterpart — movies. If not a documentary or serious subject based on real incident, life and people, the content of entertainment is hugely fictional which allows makers to stretch their imagination. Family and revenge sagas (including reality television are far removed from reality.) Recently, the character of Nakul in Kinnari serial played by another actor has to be replaced due to certain issues. To introduce the new artiste (replacing the older one), the maker comes up with a mishap twist to it,” says writer Sreenidhi.

A still from KinnariA still from Kinnari

He goes on to add that the character changes quickly with change in the tale. Nakul is injured beyond recognition, and the has not only survived it  but also returns as a new man with a grand new face, he says. But, all thanks to a miraculous plastic surgery! 

In case of Gombe, a character in the popular Lakshmi Baramma serial portrayed by Neha Ramakrishna, sister of popular actress Sonu Honda, the serial has a twist to it in the recent episodes.

“The character of Gombe/Shruthi was being portrayed by Neha for several years and in between the actress was missing in action for a while. She got married in real life And hence took a break. Now, that she is back, the makers twisted the plot by introducing a new character while declaring that Gombe is dead and has been replaced by the look alike of Gombe! Mind blowing, isn’t it?” says TV analyst Naveen Kumar.

A still from Puttagowri MaduveA still from Puttagowri Maduve

However, the new look alike of Gombe has lost her memory and has just started regaining some old memories. Has the Gombe come back from dead, well no other way but to wait for the upcoming episodes to clear the dead issues.

Television is most famous for miraculous escapes. Take the case of Puttagowri Maduve, the character Puttagowri has escaped death many times. No poisonous snake could kill her, nor she could die after falling into the wild jungle from a fair height, and even the wild tiger. She was even burried alive in a coffin, and not a bullet could put an end to Puttagowri. “I guess Puttagowri is a miraculous character something beyond normal human being’s understanding and reach,” adds director Shekar.


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