Hyderabad: 5 teachers fired for drawing higher salaries

Hyderabad: Five teachers of Krishnaveni Talent School in Jiyaguda who were teaching class 10 were sacked because they had better salaries than other teachers. The Telangana Private Teachers Federation (TPTF) and parents were agitated after they learnt of the incident. Many parents along with teachers associations held a protest on Tuesday at the school campus. The parents and teachers demanded justice for the teachers.

According to the parents and TPTF, the newly appointed principal at Krishnaveni Talent School removed the old teachers who were paid better salaries with a plan to hire new teachers with lower salaries. However, the injustice done to the old teachers came to the notice of the parents on Monday who approached the Telangana Private Teachers Federation for help.

Sheikh Shabbir Ali, President, Telangana Private Teachers Federation said, “The old teachers were getting paid about Rs 15,000 per month which according to the principal was a high salary for the teachers in their school due to which the new principal sacked the old teachers and tried appointing new teachers with lower salaries. This move by the new principal affected the class 10 students because their exams are approaching and they don’t have teachers.”

Srinivas, one of the parents said, “The newly appointed principal fired five teachers in the last few weeks. We want justice and we want the school to remove the new principal and to appoint the old teachers again for class 10. We demand the removal of the new principal and justice for the old teachers and our children because they are suffering without teachers.”


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