How to find the polling station where you have to vote?

Through SMS: Voters can send their electoral photo identity card number to 97319-79899 in the following format KAEPIC <space> ID card number. For instance: KAEPIC XYZ1509201.

Toll free: Voters can also call on the toll free number 1950 to enquire about their polling station.

What is the process of voting? How do you go about it?

When you reach the polling station, entry will be regulated by queues. There will be separate queues for men and women voters and the physically challenged persons. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1:  Go to the First Polling Officer, who is in-charge of the marked copy of the electoral roll, to verify your identification — voter ID.

Step 2: Proceed to the Second Polling Officer who will mark your left forefinger with indelible ink. The officer will record your serial number in the electoral roll in the Register of Voters.  The officer will give you a signed voter slip with your serial number.

Step 3: Hand over the voter’s slip to the Third Polling Officer. The officer will press the ‘Ballot’ button on the Control Unit of the voting machine and direct you to the voting compartment.

Step 4: Inside the voting compartment, press the button on the Balloting Unit against the name and symbol of the candidate of your choice. The red lamp will glow once you press on the candidate button. There will also be a beep sound heard to indicate that your vote has been recorded. You can also check if your vote has been cast correctly in VVPAT machines as a screen on the machine will display your vote for seven seconds.

What happens if someone else has cast a vote in your name?

If the First Polling Officer tells you on arrival that your vote has already been cast, inform the Presiding Officer immediately. Under such circumstances, you will be allowed to cast a Tendered Vote. You will be required to sign your name on the list of tendered votes.

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