Hit(ha)ting the right notes

With a bunch of intriguing films in her kitty, actor Hitha Chandrashekar is an excited hudugi and has much to look forward to. The svelte actress, who’s been garnering praise for her performance in the recently-released Yogi Duniya, is also kicked about her role in Onthara Bannagalu. Talking about the reactions to her latest release Yogi Duniya, Hitha expresses, “The flick was supposed to release last year. The makers faced a lot of trouble as they had to change the title from Duniya 2. The release of the movie itself was a big deal. I think it’s been received well, although there are people who found the subject to be crude as they’re not used to the harsh reality portrayed in the film. However, people are liking my performance and I’ve had industry people calling me to appreciate me.”

Her next project is a multi-starrer called Onthara Bannagalu, in which she plays the role of a Government employee. “She mostly works with male colleagues. She’s brought herself up, isn’t scared of anything, is opinionated and snappy. When she goes on a road trip, with four others, things change for her. This is a travel flick that’s slice-of-life, contemporary and showcases real characters and normal conversations. Last year, the original producers backed out, so our director Sunil’s friends stepped in and our film now has around 25 investors,” reveals the actor. 

Another movie this lassie has signed is Thurthu Nirgama, which will have actor Sunil Raoh play the protagonist. Interestingly, she was signed for the film after director Hemanth Kumar spotted her at a café in JP Nagar. “There’s this restaurant where I’m a regular and so is Hemanth. We’d seen each other many times there and he got in touch with me through a friend of mine. One of the main reasons I agreed to do the movie is the stellar cast which comprises Sudha Rani, Achyuth Kumar, Raj B Shetty and Samyutha Hegde,” says Hitha, who believes that if executed well, this could turn out to be one of the path-breaking films of the year. 

While Hemanth’s is a fantasy flick, Hitha’s other movie, directed by chat show host Vinay Bharadwaj, will be a romantic comedy. As for her dream projects, the artiste’s keen on writing a story for herself. “I have this constant hunger to do something that will satisfy the actor in me. Growing up, I was always interested in writing. I already have something in mind — I need to put it on paper in the next one year and probably take it to a producer or director.”

Being the daughter of actors Sihi Kahi Chandru and Geetha, how much career advice does she take from them? “I do discuss work with my parents who open up new perspectives for me while giving their opinions, but ultimately, the choice to do a project or not is mine,” she says. 

When she’s not shooting, the fitness buff likes to work out and socialise with her friends while haunting the latest restaurants. As someone who’s a Netflix addict, the actresses’ latest favourite is a German show called Dark. “Content like this makes me feel like I’m not doing anything! There’s so much more we can explore and that’s why I want to create something on my own instead of waiting for someone to do it.” 


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