Harry Potter fans transported to the world of Hogwarts, Quidditch

Bengaluru: Saturday evening turned out to be a dream-come-true for many Harry Potter fans in the city, as they stepped into a different and spellbinding sphere of witches, wizards and wands set up at the Bannerghatta Campus of Greenwood High International School.

Be it for a game of Quidditch (the fictional sport played at Hogwarts by broomstick-mounted players on a hockey rink-sized pitch), mouth-watering delights offered as special potions or for a line-up of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities, more than 800 attendees, be it school-goers and their parents, were kept busy for the evening at the venue.

For Dishita Ramesh, a class nine student, who experienced the world of Harry Potter at her alma mater, the feel of magic all around was intriguing. “The exposure Harry and his friends got at Hogwarts and the experiences they went through is something that I’ve always dreamt of having. The house-spirit at Hogwarts is something that needs to be nurtured among us here as well for intra-school competitions making the atmosphere always competitive and productive,” she said.

Her friend Anushka, at the same time, had set post-event plans in her mind. “This being a perfect beginning, we’ll push our teachers and school authorities to include more such events in the academic calendar,” she said.

Snehal Agarwal, a class six student who got a hang of playing Quidditch in real life, was all excited to play the game with a different set of competitors as he ran back to the field mid-way through his interaction with Deccan Chronicle. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and imagining myself in Harry’s shoes itself gives me a feeling of being at Hogwarts already. The other game stalls set up by our teachers are also equally challenging and exciting.

While most children and some parents too showed up for the event dressed as witches, wizards and their favourite characters, the festive mood was successful in getting an important message through to the young minds.

“This grand setup, eventually leads to tactile learning and finding more time to read and learn, thus contributing towards becoming better students and guardians with a pro-learning mentality,” said Louis Dais, principal of the school. 


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