Guest column: Our bus stops have become auto stands

We all know the state of our bus stops. Most of them are not in good condition.
Other than BMTC buses all  other vehicles occupy them causing great inconvenience to commuters. In many areas bus stops have turned into  auto stands or  private bus shelters, and even roadside canteens.

Because of the irresponsible attitude of the authorities, you can see dogs and cows resting at several bus shelters instead of passengers waiting to board buses.

Unfortunately, the agencies, which must take the responsibility of maintaining these bus stops, have seldom bothered to. The  BBMP, BMTC, Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the traffic police department have all failed to protect the bus shelters. Sadly, the MPLAD and MLA, funds are used to create this infrastructure, but not maintain it.

Inevitably, passengers are forced to move away from the bus stops because they have been taken over by others who are a nuisance.

It is high time the authorities collectively took ownership of maintaining these bus stops so that passengers can board their buses from them safely, instead of being worried about missing them.

There needs to be a proper transit plan at these bus stops, which are converging points for various modes of transport. While various agencies are involved,  it is primarily the responsibility of the traffic department and the RTO and they need to act immediately.

– D.S. Rajshekar,President, Citizens Action Forum



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