Guest Column: No point in Ring Road if land around it is allowed to develop

We need to understand the purpose of the Peripheral Ring Road(PRR) project and how it will work. The city already has an Outer Ring Road (ORR), which is supposed to provide seamless travel for vehicles on its outskirts and to keep them from entering it. 

But due to commercialisation, the Ring Road serves no purpose anymore and now we are talking about another ORR or PRR. Many cities develop a Ring Road but do not curb the commercial activity alongside it, which defeats its purpose. The land around the ORR should not be allowed to develop to allow it to expand later if so required.

It’s therefore essential that before starting on the PRR project, the government understands its purpose. Otherwise it too will be choked with vehicles after a while. A proper feasibility study  is essential. 

For example, in Boston, USA, there were several elevated ways but once they realised  they were not serving any purpose, they were demolished  and an underground Metro Rail built on these routes.

Also, it’s important for the government to have a rational alternative ready to help ease traffic in the city.


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