Guest Column: High Court should take charge of the city

The High Court recently remarked  that if the BBMP is incompetent, it should be shut down and  I agree, considering the pathetic  condition of the city’s roads and the garbage menace stalking it. Although Bengaluru has turned into a garbage city,  the BBMP has still not taken any action to remedy the situation.
It seems to be taking the matter lightly. Also, in the absence of a proper financial audit or anyone to question it, it does as it pleases. So, I suggest  the High Court should take charge and the BBMP should directly report to it.

A judicial officer should be appointed to monitor the BBMP council or be present at the BBMP council meetings.  I am suggesting this as  there is a need for the Chief Justice  to take control of things. It was only after the High Court intervened that the BBMP took the issue of illegal flexes and banners as well as potholes seriously. With the public too  approaching the High Court for its problems, it might work well for everyone if the court monitored the development of the city.
When it comes to the garbage menace, it is high time that the BBMP came up with a new plan to ensure systematic collection and segregation. The only solution is effective monitoring of the garbage collection as this will prevent the roadside dumping.


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