Guest column: Across the border at Rs 3,000 per head…

Thousands of Bangladeshis have been infiltrated into India through the porous borders of West Bengal and have spilled into Bengaluru. They pose a serious security state to the state and the country, apart from the fact that they choose to live here as illegal immigrants.

At least 50,000 Bangladeshis have made Bengaluru their home. They have formed their makeshift settlements alongside lake beds and roads, erecting shanties and living in groups. KR Puram, Mahadevapura, Bommanahalli, Marathahalli, Jakka sandra, Kadubeesa nahalli, Devara beesanahalli, Munne kolalu are some areas where they live in high concentrations.

Sudhir Shetty, my friend and social activist and I conducted a sting operation on the pretext of conducting a health camp. During this, they spilled the beans about having fled to Bangladesh from the porous eastern border, paying about Rs 3,000 per head to do so. Their illegal presence here is an internal security threat as they can be easily brainwashed and utilised for anti-social and anti-national activities.

Some of them have already been involved in crimes both major and petty to make a quick buck. They have encroached valuable lake beds and it is not easy to evacuate them.
The other dangerous trend is that local politicians sometimes lend these people a helping hand, granting them access to voter identity cards and Aadhar cards.
The police department and FRRO must take congnisance of these infiltrators and send them back after verifying their antecedents. If they want to stay and work here, let them to do so with valid documents.

The writer is a former corporator.



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