Greens show red light for bright lights around lakes

Bengaluru: Installing bright lights around lakes is foolish as they disturb the ecology of water bodies and disturb the habitats of aquatic animals and birds on the trees, argue environment activists.

Mr Ram Prasad, co-founder, Friends of Lake, said that the use of bright lights where birds and animals find refuge amounts to lighting up bedrooms in the night. 

“Almost all living beings experience daily cycles, which repeat about every 24 hours. It is called the circadian rhythm. Many plants bloom in the morning, while others only at night. Animals search for food at specific times of the day. The periods of light and darkness within the 24-hour period often control their behaviour. Nocturnal birds have eyes that are adapted to low light conditions and the use of artificial lights makes it difficult for them to look for food. If the day-like conditions are extended, the responses of plants and animals could change,” he said.

“Use of bright lights for security reasons is foolishness, and people using lakes only for recreational areas should stop. It shows total insensitivity towards other living beings. While streets need lights for the safety of women, lakes should be spared,” he said.

“If the lakes are lit up, birds and reptiles will not be there and only humans can keep going to these water bodies,” he said.


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