Golden Throne assembled amidst tight security

Gem-studded throne will be on display for public from Oct. 10 to 18

Mysuru:  The gems-and-diamond-studded Golden Throne (Suvarna Simhasana), one of the major attractions of Dasara, was brought out from the Mysore Palace Strong Room this morning amidst a posse of security and was assembled at Durbar Hall. This will be the centre of attraction for the 409th edition of Dasara that will begin on Oct.10.   

The process of assembling the iconic throne by a dozen Palace staff including members of select team of artisans from Gejjagalli village of Mysuru taluk began around 10 am and concluded by afternoon.   

The ritualistic assembling of the 13-part throne including the main seat, the umbrella and the series of steps leading to the seat was carried out amidst special rituals supervised by a group of Palace priests led by Shyam and Srihari.

While the Golden Throne was assembled at the Durbar Hall, Bhadrasana was assembled at the Kannadi Thotti. Palace Secretary M. Lakshminarayana, Palace Security Wing ACP V. Shylendra, Palace Board Deputy Director T.S. Subramanya, Palace representative Mahendra and senior officials were present while the throne was being assembled.  

As a security measure, all those involved in assembling work were not allowed to use mobile phones and CCTV cameras that were installed at the premises were covered with clothes. The Palace Board had also restricted the entry of visitors including media persons between 10 am and 1 pm. However, the denial of entry to journalists to Durbar Hall drew criticism at a time when District Administration seeks huge publicity for Dasara celebrations.

This piece of priceless heritage will be used for conducting the ‘Khas Durbar’ (private durbar) of the erstwhile royal family during the Navaratri festival. The private durbar will be held from Oct.10. The throne is an integral part of the Mysore royal family’s assets. This will be the fourth edition of private durbar for Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and this is the first private durbar for royal baby Aadyaveer.

Members of erstwhile Mysore royal family Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, Yaduveer and his wife Trishikha Wadiyar will continue the traditions. Yaduveer will ascend the Golden Throne on the auspicious Lagna to be fixed by priests after consulting astrologers. The assembling of idols of Simha (Lion) on the Golden Throne will be held on Oct. 10 which will be followed by tying of Kankana to Yaduveer at Chamundi Thotti.  

The inauguration of Naada Habba Dasara celebrations and various events associated with the celebrations organised by State Government will be held on the same day. The celebrations will begin after offering prayers to Goddess Chamundeshwari, the presiding deity of the city.      

For people visiting Mysuru, this is the only opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Golden Throne as it will be dismantled and will be kept in the strong room after the festivities. The throne will be on display for public from Oct. 10 to 18. The throne expected to be dissembled on Nov.2.

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