Gold theft: Four women at large

Bengaluru: Four women, who posed as prospective buyers, stole four gold bangles from a jewellery shop in Jayanagar 4th Block on Friday. The incident came to light only when the owner of the shop couldn’t find the bangles that were supposed to be delivered to a customer.

An alarmed Ambati Prasad Babu, who is the owner of the shop verified the CCTV footage and found out that the four women who had gone to his shop on Friday stole the bangles by diverting the attention of the staff. With the proof in hand, he filed a complaint with the Jayanagar police.

In his complaint, he stated that two of the women distracted the staff by asking them to show jewellery from the showcase, while the other who were standing in the middle stole the bangles. After some time, all the four left the shop without purchasing any jewellery. The incident occurred while Babu’s wife was managing the shop. The Jaynagar police have registered a case and are verifying the CCTV footage. The police said that the accused were well dressed and had created a good impression on the staff. They posed as prospective buyers and two of them kept the staff busy by checking all the designs and made it easy for the other two to steal the jewellery.  The bangles were displayed on the showcase for those who would like to place an order for that particular design. They were supposed to be delivered to one of Babu’s customers on Tuesday. They weighted 95 grams and were valued at Rs 3.05 lakh. The police said that they have gathered a few clues from the footage and are on the hunt for the accused. 


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