Get out, tackle issues: Mayor Gangambike to babus

Bengaluru: BBMP officers and engineers at the zonal level spend more time in offices, instead of inspecting their wards and areas and resolve civic issues. They should spend less time in offices and more on streets, helping public solve civic issues, Mayor Gangambike has ordered.

After repeated complaints from residents that BBMP officers do not visit problem spots, the Mayor took up the issue and warned them not to sit in offices and to go to the places where problems persist and resolve them on the spot. If officers fail, they will be penalised and stringent action will be taken against them, she warned.

While Ms Gangambike was on her rounds, inspecting and addressing the civic issues, the people told her that whenever they have any civic issues and inform local officials, they do not respond and take their own time to look into the matter. The mayor immediately told senior officers that no official or engineer should spend more time in office.

She said, “The BBMP officials are meant to be on roads looking into civic matters. They can sit in the office and carry out the document work after 3 pm. Before that, they have to visit their wards looking for issues. Whenever people call them, they should be at the spot without delay.”

She said that the people should call her directly if there is any negligence on the part of officials or engineers and she would take action against them.
The public appreciated the initiative and told the mayor that such rules are only on the paper and are not implemented effectively. She assured them that officials not performing will face action.


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