GARBAGE CITY: Angry Pourakarmikas dump garbage on streets

Mysuru:  The indefinite strike by Pourakarmikas of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) has caused a complete breakdown of garbage clearance and sanitation services in many areas. This morning, roads and central verges in popular markets and commercial areas including D. Devaraja Urs Road, Sayyaji Rao Road, K.R. Circle, Chamaraja Circle, Shivarampet Road, Dhanvanthri Road and surrounding areas were reeking of garbage that had accumulated over three days.

To make matters worse, striking Pourakarmikas poured garbage and muck on the main roads to express their anger and some MCC officials — from the top to bottom level — were forced to pick up brooms and clean the streets, covering their noses.

Many two-wheeler riders skidded while moving on the roads that was covered with trash. Luckily, they were not injured. Garbage woes were made worse by heavy rain that lashed the city today afternoon. Apart from stinking and slippery roads, tonnes of garbage washed away into the drains, clogging them. It will be a Herculean task to clear those drains. With a resolution of the demand of the sanitation workers’ unions nowhere in sight, the situation is likely only to deteriorate.

District Minister G.T. Devegowda and Tourism Minister S.R. Mahesh met the striking Pourakarmikas today afternoon where the Pourakarmikas decided not to call off the strike. MCC officers were pinning their hopes on the Minister’s persuasion abilities. A meeting has now been convened at DC office tomorrow with Pourakarmika leaders.

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Urs Road on which Pourakarmikas had dumped garbage

Uncollected garbage bins, overflowing drainages, garbage strewn at all street corners, street dogs, pigs and cows rummaging on the waste were a common sight. With stinking garbage strewn all over the roads, the public, especially office-goers and schoolchildren were seen covering their noses while passing through garbage-filled stretches.

The discontented civic workers want the contract system of hiring Pourakarmikas abolished and have sought direct employment by MCC. This is their main demand among the other demands.

Following mounds of garbage all over the road, the MCC officials were forced to clear garbage at various places. Health Officer Dr. D.G. Nagaraj, speaking to Star of Mysore, said that he, along with a few MCC officers and permanent Pourakarmikas, cleaned a few localities at Tilaknagar, Mandi Mohalla, Nazarbad, near Suburban Bus Stand and other core areas. He alleged that as they were cleaning and moving further, the protesting civic workers were dumping garbage on the roads.

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