Ganigas oppose inclusion under Lingayat community

The Karnataka State Yuva Ganiga Kshemabhivruddhi Sangha leader and former information commissioner Dr Shekhar Sajjan said on Monday that the Sangha was opposed to the inclusion of the Ganiga community under the separate Lingayat religion as envisaged by the government.

Speaking at a media conference here, he said they were Hindu Ganigas and follow some Lingayat rituals. “We are not Lingayat Ganigas in any way. We have nothing to do with the demand for a separate religion tag to the Lingayat-Veerashaiva community,” he clarified. A notice would be issued to the advocate general on the matter, Sajjan said.

According to the Havanur committee recommendations, the Ganiga community comes under 2A group. As the group already enjoys the benefit of reservation, they dont want to join the Lingayat community and lose it, Sajjan said.


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