From start, this octogenarian has not missed a poll

Bengaluru: It was around noon, and the sun was beating down hard. Men from the CRPF and state police force were seen stopping all vehicles 100 metres away from the polling booth. However, an autorickshaw which was carrying three people was allowed to cross the temporary white boundary mark and allowed to come near the polling booth.

Among those who got out of the auto were 89-year-old Panchappa Keshava and his wife Shashi Devi (82). They were helped out by their son Vidhya Shankar.

Panchappa, who was employed with BEL, has been a resident of Vasanthnagar since his childhood. When asked who he voted for, he said, “I voted for change. We are fed up with the present government and their inability to improve the standards of Bengaluru. They have not done anything good to the people here. The Congress is not the same as it was during the times of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Even at this age, I have done my duty by casting my vote. Not even once have I sat at home during elections and not exercised my right.” 


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