Former Speaker K.R. Pet Krishna quits active politics

Says he is fed up of pollution in politics and vote-for-cash trend

K.R. Pet:  Former Assembly Speaker Krishna, popular as K.R. Pet Krishna from Congress has announced his retirement from active politics. “I have no intention to continue in politics that has been polluted and I have decided to retire from politics after spending over 40 years there,” he said.

Addressing reporters at Ramdas-Sulochanamma Kalyana Mantap yesterday, Krishna said that he began his political stint in 1976 and he had spent just Rs. 32,000 to win an election on a Janata Party ticket in 1985. “Candidates are spending crores of rupees in election these days. Where are they getting such money?” he questioned.

“Earlier, the voters used to give money for politicians and make them contest elections. Now, it is the other way round where candidates spend money on voter appeasement. I am fed up of this trend. I have served my constituency in different capacities and now I am saddened by the state of affairs where money and muscle power hold sway over voters,” he said.

Continuing, Krishna said that the once sacred vote has become a commodity now where eager and corrupt politicians are ready to pay a price to buy it. “Even the voters have become corrupt and they expect money and freebies in exchange for votes. I am thankful for my constituency voters for giving me a chance to serve them for 40 years.  They have given me the title Mandya’s Gandhi. This brings me immense satisfaction that I have been honest in my career,” he said.

Thanking his voters, Krishna said that health reasons were also reasons for him to quit active politics.

“Henceforth, no political party should use my photograph or name for canvassing. My supporters can continue their political activities in any party of their choice and I have no objections,” he said.

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