Focus on positivity

By S.B.S. Surendran, Accredited Master Feng Shui Consultant

Staying focus on whatever one attempts to do is often not quite easy as they could tend to get distracted, bored and run out of energy, eventually the task remains either incomplete or shabbily done.

There are many ways to keep focus, be intelligent, genuinely productive and really nourishing by boosting the energy levels high while aiming to achieve the desired goals.  However, for this, one has to become more aware of the factors that lower the energy, focus on finding ways to change the situations that cause that stress.

Good Feng Shui can help in many ways be it relationship, career or health. It could even be of a great support to children to achieve good exam results. Feng Shui can also help to clear any obstacles in the life or dissolve quarrels, thereby paving the path for increased wealth, health                                          and happiness.

Supportive or beneficial energy (or ‘Chi’) is essential for a harmonious life to ensure that things go well and dreams can come true. As with everything else in life, it all depends on the attitude of the individual, as well as on what the person would focus upon.

The focus on health, well-being, high energy levels, and genuine productivity will bring much better and quicker results than the focus on fighting against negative energy or factors that lower our                                 energy levels.

Often what we fight against becomes stronger as we tend to give it more importance and in turn energy by constantly focusing on it.

It is more important to identify the problem areas which are often the major cause for any difficulties in the life one might be facing. It is important that all areas need to be in sync to create positive energy and thereby good Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has many definitions, some formal and some not, in short it’s all about the use of positive energy to bring about a desired result. However, if your home or office is ‘toxic,’ the first thing you should focus is to dissolve the toxic effect of negativity and restore balance.

When we shift or enhance the energy of a living space, that energy then supports us to attain our goals and dreams. If a living space is cluttered and messy, that is the energy working through one’s life.

  • Place a healthy green upward reaching plant in the east sector of your home, especially living and family areas. This will focus energy on healthy new beginnings and new relationships between the occupants and outside world.
  • Crystal remedies in combination with the home’s natural energy patterns are one way to assist to focus on the set goals. This works because you’re using natural energy coming from the land to bring in what you want hence crystals are quite powerful.
  • To create good relationships shift your focus, thinking and actions to how good your relationships are or will be; not how bad they are as you tend to empower the negative aspects.


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