Flex: BBMP to follow Delhi model

Bengaluru: In the wake of High Court coming down heavily on BBMP for spoiling the aesthetics of the city by failing to prevent the proliferation of illegal hoardings and flex boards in public places, the has now come up with a draft on advertisement bylaw, modeled on Delhi Municipal Corporation law.

The draft emphasizes on curbs on unauthorised hoardings and advertisement materials, apart from boosting revenue for the BBMP, which is struggling to tide over a financial crisis.

Following the high court rap for poor implementation of advertisement bylaw, the BBMP passed a resolution to ban all kinds of unauthorized advertisements across the city for a year and made headway on draft bylaw.

It stresses on obtaining permission from the BBMP Commissioner for all kinds of advertisements, including those that would be put up on private land and land belonging to public sector undertaking.

Commercial advertisements should be displayed only at private areas and it is mandated that 10 per cent of the display area should be dedicated for public safety messages, the draft said.  

Based on the Delhi municipality model, the policy for outdoor advertising is driven not only by revenue imperatives, but by city development imperatives. 

Therefore, in its implementation, it will be clear that outdoor hoardings/billboards are permitted only if they are not a road safety hazard or if they support the city's public service development and enhance its aesthetics. It also makes provision to allow advertisements at toilets, metro and BMTC offices.

Most importantly, the illumination on the advertisements should be less, failing which the electricity supply to that particular hoarding will be disconnected.

The draft imposes ban on certain advertisements which are obscene, promotes tobacco, alcohol, messages spreading cruelty on human beings or animals.

Further, to avoid unauthorized hoardings which will eat into the revenue of the BBMP, flying squads will be formed which will submit a periodical reports.


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