First challenging, then roaring!

After a perfect 2017 where she tasted great success with three films starring alongside Challenging Star Darshan and Roaring Star Srii Murali and in Manoranjan Ravichandran’s debut movie Saheba (he is the son of Crazy Star Ravichandran), she is on an upward swing with a couple of big ones in the making. The most sought-after actress in Sandalwood, at present — Shanvi Srivastava is hoping to repeat her previous year’s success mantra with big projects lined up which include a film titled Saanvi. For those of you unaware, her real name is Shambhavi. The actress talks about her films, plans on a web-series, why it is hard to break into Bollywood and her newfound passion for Bachata, a dance form originating from the Dominican Republic, in this exclusive interview with Bengaluru Chronicle.

“The year 2017 was a perfect year, for me as an actress, I could not have asked for more. It was the right blend of films with intended results that made it very special. In Saheba, which was Manoranjan’s debut movie, I had great screen presence and substance to the character. Tharak and Mufti were my big breaks in terms of commercial ventures. This year too looks bright with Avane Sriman Narayana featuring Rakshit Shetty, and a very special project titled Saanvi,” the pretty Shanvi Srivastava quips.

Apart from movies, she even played the role of an Indian princess for the Chinese web/teleport series. The 11-part web series The Dark Lord was directed by Malay’s first film director AR Tompel. Now based in Mumbai, the actress has also been working hard for the right opportunity in Bollywood. However, she feels that the industry these days is focused on launching the children of star actors, and the existence of nepotism has worsened things further. “I have been getting offers but not the right ones in Bollywood. With a series of sons and daughters of star actors being the focus at present in Bollywood, the majority are disinterested in paving the way for newcomers. Looks like movies like Dangal are the only way in, at present. Also, nepotism, which Bollywood refuses to admit to, has always been a deterrent,” reveals Shanvi.

With technological advancement coupled with the Internet boom, the audience is reaching out to bold and experimental ventures on platforms such as web television which has gained a lot of importance, providing a great platform for actors to fully explore their capabilities. “Bold subjects through such series are the flavour of the season. I am getting a lot of such offers. I am planning to explore a few but that would depend totally on the subject and it’s making quality,” she adds.

Her most-awaited pet project — Saanvi, the actress reveals is still in the midst of paperwork, but she hopes that it takes off soon. “It will be a one of a kind film in my career. It is not a hero or heroine-centric venture but a story-centric one. I was thrilled when I heard the story by director, Varun, a newcomer. I pray that Saanvi takes off,” she adds.

About Pogaru featuring Dhruva Sarja, who struck a hat-trick at the box office with his current remuneration reportedly hitting several crores, Shanvi says that she is yet to take a call on it. Reports suggest that Dhruva Sarja is paired opposite Shanvi Srivastava and Rashmika Mandanna. That apart, for Avane Sriman Narayana, Shanvi will be joining the crew in March, and rumours have it that the film is set in the late 80s and early 90s, but the actress is tight-lipped. Along with routine fitness, Shanvi is looking forward to learning what she says is her newfound love — Bachata, which she hopes to use in her next films too.


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