Experts express concern about dwindling biodiversity in Karnataka

Bengaluru: The Karnataka Biodiversity Board (KBB) on Saturday launched its redesigned website and web portal for the submission of applications. On the Biodiversity Act, 2002, Mr Virender Singh, member secretary, KBB, said, "The Act was passed to meet the objectives of conservation and sustainability and to equitably share the benefits of biological resources. A lot of biodiversity products are under threat."

Every local body under Section 41 of the Biodiversity Act shall constitute a Biodiversity Management Committee to promote conservation of different species of animals and microorganisms. Mr Suhas Nimbalkar from Elitimo Ventures said that 40% of Indians are aware of biodiversity, while in Brazil, the awareness is at a higher level of 94%. India must strive to disseminate information to achieve higher level, he said.   

On the daily routine, Dinacharya, as elaborated in Ayurveda, he said, "The traditional knowledge holds importance in knowing about biodiversity and it holds. In 2015, the Nobel Prize was given to Toyouyou for her discoveries related to a therapy in malaria, but it found its lineage in ancient Chinese texts."

The workshop highlighted the role of media in conveying the importance of biodiversity conservation to the masses and the challenges faced by implementing authorities in bringing about changes within society. Dr S. Gopalkrishna Warrier, senior contributing editor, Mongabay, said, "Though we took a position on climate change in 1992, we only had an action plan in 2008. Dr Manmohan Singh was the first PM to have a consul on climate change."


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