Encroachments elbow out pedestrians

Bengaluru: While Bengaluru witnessed rapid growth over the years, so did the scale of encroachments across the city.

Ilyas Nagar area near Sarakki metro junction is one such densely populated area in Bengaluru South. The area has witnessed little improvement in terms of infrastructure and the administration has done little to curb encroachments.

The footpath on the entire stretch of Ilyas Nagar to the back gate of the Geological Survey of India’s office at Kumarswamy Layout has been encroached upon by automobile repair shops. There is not an inch space left for the pedestrians.

When Deccan Chronicle spoke to nearby residents, they requested not to publish their images for the fear of being targeted by hoodlums.

“One can hear continuous honking and the crackling sounds of motor. The entire area is not only dirty, but it causes problems to pedestrians. BBMP should fine them. How can they allow them to operate on the footpath,” said Devesh Chandra, a local resident.

The BBMP had last year said that cameras would be installed in every ward to check for the illegal dumping of garbage, but nothing has been done in Illyas Nagar.

Though the palike has claimed success in curbing garbage menace in the city, Illyas Nagar continues to be a black spot, despite the BBMP clearing garbage on a daily basis.

“Earlier there used to be animal carcasses thrown all around. This has come to a standstill now after the efforts by the BBMP’s health inspector. However, garbage from nearby slum areas gets dumped by the time evening sets in. The CCTV cameras and more importantly its monitoring needs to be done,” added Nawajish Khan, a resident for past eight years.

The stench in the Ilyas Nagar stretch not only troubles a number of college going students but the very stench disturbs the motorist passing through the area.

When Deccan Chronicle spoke to one of the college students, he said, “I stay in JP Nagar but have to pass through this area. In the morning when the traffic is at its peak, it becomes impossible for us to commute. Moreover, earlier only craftsmen used to occupy the end of the footpath leaving considerable space for the pedestrians, but now not an inch of space is left.”

'We have served notices to footpath encroachers'

Q&A with BBMP health inspector Shivlingaiah

Many mechanic shops have encroached footpaths at Ilyasnagar. What steps are you taking?
We have served them notices for unauthorised encroachment and sent the copies to the traffic inspector and the nearby police station. We have asked them to clear the encroachments.

Garbage is dumped on the stretch of Sarakki Metro junction to Ilyas Nagar…
We have a separate contractor for the ring road. The interior areas of pipeline are cleared of garbage. On the ring road as well, the garbage is picked up daily. We will get it cleared.

There was a proposal to install cameras to monitor violations.
What happened to the proposal?

The cameras were installed three months ago near the pipeline and HM Apartment. On the ring road we have installed it near Metro and Ganesha temple.


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