Driver’s presence of mind saves passengers from getting electrocuted

Madikeri: The presence of mind of a KSRTC bus driver, who veered the vehicle to his right side, prevented bus passengers and himself from being electrocuted after an electric pole along with a transformer fell just a couple of feet away in the front of the bus this morning.

The bus with about 30 passengers in it left Madikeri bus stand to Madapur in Kodagu. As the bus was proceeding on Madapur road near MLA Appachu Ranjan’s house in Madapura, the driver noticed an electric pole with a transformer beginning to lean towards the road and immediately veered the bus towards his right side into a ditch. Within seconds, the electric wires snapped and the pole, transformer and a couple of trees fell right in front of the bus just a couple of feet away from the bus.

Had not the driver veered towards his right, the power lines would have fallen on the bus and a major tragedy would have taken place. But for the presence of mind of the driver, he prevented a tragedy from happening.

As the news about the incident spread, the Forest Department and CESC officials rushed to the spot. While CESC staff removed the electric pole, transformer and wires from the road, Forest staff cut the trees and cleared the road and made way for smooth flow of traffic on the road, which was disrupted for about two hours.

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