Don’t panic over H1N1 fever : G Parameshwara

Bengaluru: On the backdrop of H1N1 fever gripping the city, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Parameshwar has request the public not to panic and assured that that state has taken adequate steps to bring it under control.

Addressing reporters Dr Parameshwar said, “Within a span of one month there were 200 suspected cases and out of them 90 have been confirmed to be infected by H1N1. Everyday more than 50 people are getting tested for the fever in BBMP limits.”

BBMP has taken all the steps to control the fever and have also started awareness campaign about the symptoms and precautionary measures, he added. Sharing statistics about the fever across the state, Dr Parameshwar said, “In 2018, 4,902 people were tested and of them 456 were confirmed. In 2015, 94 people died while there were no deaths in 2016. But in 2017, more than 3,000 were said to have H1N1 symptoms and 15 people died.”

He said that two people have passed away due to H1N1 in BBMP limits this year and clarified that Zika virus, which have been reported in other states, have not been found in the city and state.

Hot Sept to blame Ruling party leader Shivaraj pointed out that the high temperature during the month of September was the reason for the spread of H1N1 and went on to say that the fever was only found during summers in 2016 and 2017.

Keep yoursurroundings clean BBMP Commissioner Mr Manjunath Prasad requested public to stop littering garbage and maintain cleanliness. He further requested people to immediately rush to the nearest BBMP hospital or primary health centre for treatment.


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