Do not generalise: Hariprriya

With frequent debates and conversations about the presence of the casting couch in the film industry, and the focus turning to the South Indian industry after a couple of actresses came out in the open about such experiences, the disturbing issue has raised eyebrows among many, both in the industry, and amongst public.

While condemning incidents of the casting couch, actress Hariprriya strongly feels that it should not be generalised, especially when it comes to heroines. “There might be a few miscreants but the entire industry should not be painted in the same colour. There are also many honest and hardworking men and women in the industry. For them, it is like any other job, to showcase their talent and reach the top,” says Hariprriya.

She added that her views are not any reaction to the recent casting couch incidents that were made public, but her main concern is that there are real good men and women in the industry.

“I made it into films at the age of 16, I have never experienced any such issue. I was closely guarded by my mother, even to this date. Also, luckily, all my producers, directors and co-artistes shared a similar passion towards work. I never indulged in anything beyond that. Sometimes, it is also how one reacts to a situation that determines the outcome. By generalising, all good and honest individuals are also shown in a bad light,” she signs off.


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