Devanahalli checkpost: Rs 63 lakh seized from two private buses

Bengaluru: In a fourth such incident at the Devanahalli check post, unaccounted cash of Rs. 63.27 lakh was seized from two passengers in two different private buses that were coming from Hyderabad towards Bengaluru on Thursday night.

A passenger travelling in a KPN Travels bus was carrying Rs 52.91 lakh without valid papers. The police recovered the cash which was wrapped in clothes and kept it in two bags.


Soon after, another passenger from another private bus, which too was coming from Hyderabad, was caught at the same check-post. He was carrying Rs 10.36 lakh in his big bag.

Earlier on Wednesday night, a passenger of KPN Travels, whose name has not been disclosed, was carrying unaccounted cash of Rs 52 lakh which was wrapped in clothes and stuffed in a big bag. The bus was heading towards Chikaballapura from Bengaluru. On Thursday morning, another passenger was caught carrying Rs 10.70 lakh cash. The accused, a businessman, was a passenger of SRS Travels bus which was coming to the city from Hyderabad. The cash was found hidden inside a polythene cover and the cash bag was stuffed inside another bag.

A senior official said that the cash is being transported in buses as the accused seem to think that the police and election commission officials would not check all the passengers at all check-posts. “But we have tightened security and will check every passenger in all buses and private vehicles,” he said. 


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