Dethrone BJP-led NDA govt, says Dinesh Gundurao

Bengaluru: The country has no future without the Congress party which had kept India together all these years, said KPCC president Dinesh Gundurao, adding that it is difficult to  imagine India without the Congress as it would be very weak.

Participating in the Quit India Day function held at Town Hall here on Thursday, Mr Gundurao recalled that while Pandit Nehru had given the call for the Quit India movement, it was Gandhiji who called for  a 'Do or die campaign' to end British rule in the country. The Congress has a rich history and does not need to learn lessons in patriotism from anyone else, he remarked while taking an indirect swipe at the BJP.

“The RSS had said it would never participate in the freedom movement. The Hindu Mahasabha too said it would stand by British rule. All those who speak about patriotism now, have a history of working against the concept of a free India and the freedom movement," Mr Gundurao said.  He gave a call to dethrone the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre and install a Congress government led by party president Rahul Gandhi. "To do this, the time has come for us to tell the BJP to give up power," he said.  The Congress Seva Dal and KPCC felicitated a few freedom fighters on the occasion.


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